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The Tragic End of a Dream with Lies: the M23 could do or be better by staying CNDP

“This paper is a critical comparison between some provisions of the 23rd March 2009 peace-accord between the National Congress for Defence of People ( CNDP, French acronym) and the Congolese government and the 12th December 2013 Nairobi Declaration of the Congolese government after the M23 ( Movement of 23rd March) defection. It shows how it could better and profitable for the M23 to stay CNDP and to profit from the advantages they benefited than to become M23, where they are apparently losers after the Kampala peace-talks“. Beyond this observation, this article a pre-argument of an upcoming publication on “the politics of resource war management:  violence perspective”  where it will be argued that the success of peacebuilding in the context of greed model is to dislocate the rebel from the field of natural resources in order to reduce their financial capacities and to compel them to disarm” ( Full text.. contact the editor)

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