Human Economy

Towards a Human Economy : some thoughts

At the same time, the society is identified with the market economy and economic considerations which are now seen as being central of political democracy.  This structure is weak if the democratic structure do not serve or favor vulnerable people within the society neither mobilize people for the common good…..  ( Marius Mufuta

Human economy emerges from the preoccupation of heterodox economists who want to answer to the question how the economy might become more human (Keith & Sharp, 2014). The ultimate aim of human economy is building social coexistence in shaping new ideas from the daily life of the people. If not yet established, more than building “humanity”,  the ultimate vision of human economy is toward a  “ just world”, more especially  creating peaceful meanings locally and of course globally. This can only be possible when embedded in creative and innovative traditions which save people from the two principal institutions that uphold inequality: formal political institutions and informal customary practices shared by members of a community; People will be better off if forced to engage with the world outside their fortified enclaves (Hart, Sharp, and Laterza, 2014, pp. 17-18). The purpose of human economy is thus human interests out of greed; people’s concrete activities and aspirations.  The ultimate basis of this is for achieving democracy.  here, the concept of democracy include the power by the people and for the people. Considering the global picture of inequalities, power for the people has never been in the preoccupation of the modern-states.   In this sense, the concept of democracy should be scrutinized and see whether it resolves the problem of inequalities. Better to say that the type of democracy which can work in this new century and this new vision of engaging individuals in federal network should emphasis more on how people don’t delegate their power, but find alternatives far from the established political institutions which failed to work for the people.  ( Marius, Mufuta)

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