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Never give up

Meet a new hope

The time that life gives us to spend on earth is not always in favor of a peaceful existence.

We need to create a way beside the noises of the existence which disturb our really reasons to serve men and women. If it happens to us to stumble, the courage to continue may keep us aware in order to be loved by the world.

Our sins can never betray our dignity especially if they come from sources that had engulfed our freedom.

If the reeds do not allow us to pick the hope roses, we can return to pick the roses that are on the other side of the sea because they breathe smell deep waters odorless. On the river, crocodiles will never suck us because we never fought against them and never rose has always been their prey.

The struggles of our lives and our efforts can never betray our desire to love everything forever. Sometimes we were at the end of our fight, but the last minute of this battle is the gateway to deep sea that quenches our thirst to success through the world.

We must go, always leave even if our struggle is not anymore the meaning and the purpose in the middle of the attic, maybe it  help desperate generations to find reasons of hope. why  to give up ?

Marius Mufuta Cool


Morning Prayer

” God of Christians, God of Muslims, God of Hindus, Gof Buddhists, and God of atheists,” I’d rather be that colonized or neo-colonized/globalized (colonization taught me to read, to pray and to love though I am alienated and without pillar stand). However with neo-colonialism and globalization, I learned to kill, impoverish and gain. ” Now I haven’t any  a right choice to make. I do not know how to do it. I’m lost. Comes to my aid and manifest yourself as you do in these different religious ideologies and which believe to seek for you  and to find  forward  when you’re behind them seeking without finding them. “

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